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to  Gisele Lidman

When Gisele came to us, her intention was to redesign her brand and presentation and create a website that would showcase her work for the world. We already had the opportunity to help her in another project, so we were very happy to again help this excellent professional from Rio de Janeiro.

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"Our challenge is to inspire and surprise with our customers' integration always in mind. With this motto we lead all our projects! We always strive to create harmonic and innovative environments, and in this way to reflect in our creations the personality of our clients."


By Gisele Lidman, a Wedding Planner from Rio de Janeiro




The presentation is one of the most important parts of our client's work, so we look for a modern and feminine design combined with animation. The result was a compelling, striking and efficient layout.

Illustrations and Design by Gabi Schiller
Branding by Rafael Amorim and Gabi Schiller

Dra Michelle Cailleaux

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